Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism continues to secure its place among the rapidly rising trends of the global world. As one of the world’s pioneers of health tourism, Turkey hosts many patients being treated every year. The increasing number of foreign patients prefer Turkey for treatment. So, this causes the development of the Turkish health sector and a substantial increase in the number of clinics.

Health tourism paves the way for a modern world with healthy living, aesthetic appearance, anti-aging practices. The desire to look good has led people to seek advice to look healthy and beautiful. Health marketing policies continue to develop and transform with the implementation of all these requests of the patients. Opportunities such as budget, travel, visa, accommodation have increased the interest in health tourism in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the most popular centers for health tourism. High service quality at affordable prices ensures that foreign patients leave our country satisfied. When foreign patients prefer Turkey, they can get good service in professional clinics without being involved in long queues.

What is Health Tourism?

Health tourism covers the service that patients receive as a result of traveling to another country to get medical treatment. The rapidly rising health prices in the West have caused patients to turn to other countries for treatment. Thus, health tourism Turkey draws attention with its developed health sector, appropriate and special service policy. Increasing healthcare expenditures and globalization have led people to look for countries that offer affordable treatment.

Why Should You Prefer Turkey for Health Tourism?

Being among the biggest cities in Europe, Istanbul, as the capital of international health tourism, is one of the first addresses for those seeking treatment. Most countries have state-of-the-art drugs, but the prices and expenses are exorbitantly high. Turkey is a special and important point in health tourism in terms of pricing.

Clinics in Turkey carry out their work with a professional service policy so that you can receive a better quality service at every stage of your treatment process. As a result of your cooperation with health tourism agencies, foreign patients return to their countries happily.

Why Turkey?

  • Lower costs

The cost of health tourism in Turkey has a much lower cost compared to Europe. Clinics in Turkey, serving in the field of health tourism, perform the operation you want at low cost, following health procedures. All these and many more details make Turkey the country of the first choice in health tourism.

  • VIP Service

You do not have to think about anything thanks to the service you will get in Turkey in the field of health tourism. The service starts with the airport pick-up as well as the transfer,

accommodation, treatment process and returns journey. A professional team will accompany you at every stage of your treatment process, where you will experience 5-star accommodation in the best hotels in Turkey!

  • Geographical Position

Thanks to the advantage of its geographical position, Turkey hosts patients from many countries. Turkey offers practical travel opportunities with its advanced airline infrastructure by making use of its strategic location advantage in health tourism as well. Foreign patients who do not want to travel for long hours and want to get high standards of service to prefer Turkey and Istanbul.

  • Fast Treatment

Foreign patients who come to Turkey for health tourism can be treated immediately without waiting for a long time. Unlike Turkey, the treatment process in other countries is long and tiring. After being practically and affordably treated, you can return to your country in a short time.

  • Turkey with its Cultural Heritage

There are many advantages of being treated in Turkey. Those who want to get away from the hospital environment during the treatment process can visit local medical attractions. Turkey, which has a deep-rooted history, is among the centers of attraction that charms tourists with its historical journey as well as health tourism.

  • Accredited Health Institutions

Turkish clinics, which have the required equipment in the health sector, have all the accredited certificates. Before determining which treatment to get in which country, patients research the opportunities of the institution where they will receive service. Every health institution at international standards is of great importance for foreign patients.