Invisalign is a treatment in which the patient can shape their teeth using clear aligners instead of tooth correction with orthodontic wire treatment. Thanks  to this method, you can get rid of problems such as crowding, deep bite, teeth gaps.

After deciding to start invisalign treatment, the patient’s teeth are measured or digitally-scanned. After X-rays and photographic records are taken, dental records are transferred to digital media and sent to the doctor in a computer program for treatment planning. The created Plaques should be worn for a minimum of 20-22 hours a day, depending on the doctor’s advices. How often to replace the plates again depends on your  treatment planning.

What is Invisalign (Clear Aligners Treatment)?

We want our teeth to be smoother and our smile to be beautiful. Sometimes there are irregularities in the tooth alignment, which we also cause. For this, we need to wear braces. But developing medical science offers ways to fix our teeth painlessly. Invisalign Treatment is one of these methods.

Clear Aligners treatment is one of the most preferred ones in recent times. One of the most important reasons why it is preferred is that the plate is transparent. Thanks to the Clear Aligner, it does not change the external appearance of the person.

Invisalign Treatment in Turkey

Invisalign is one of the painless orthodontic treatments in these days and has become a part of our daily lives. Invisalign treatment was not used much in the early days because its preparation and application process was long. However, developements in Clear Aligners Technology and healthcare field have resolved these problems. Thanks to the service you will receive in Turkey, you will get rid of all your problems in a short time. Problems in speaking, many wounds in the mouth, and a painful process await the person with braces. But, neither speaking nor any discomfort is observed during the Invisalign treatment process.

Invisalign treatment can be applied to all age groups and provides recovery of small or medium crooked teeth. Clear Aligners can be selected and applied in color according to the person’s request. It is more economically suitable. For this reason, it is one of the most important treatments of recent times. With the developing technology, it is possible to see how our teeth will look like after Invisalign treatment through simulation. And, another advantage is that it is easy to use.

How to Start Invisalign Treatment?

One of the important differences between clear aligner and braces treatments is that braces treatment is orthodontic treatment. An orthodontic process is not followed in Invisalign treatment. However, after the use of braces, plaque treatment is applied to the person.

If Invisalign treatment is applied after braces treatment, the doctor’s instructions must be followed. The person should pay attention to aligner’s cleaning and use. The patients should clean their clear aligners with a soft-touch toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Clear aligner should not be cleaned with mouthwash. It should be dried before it is placed in the case which is given to the patient. The patient should be careful to not damage the clear aligner while wearing and taking it out. Invisalign treatment is designed according to the person’s mouth structure.

Since there is no metal substance or bracket during Invisalign treatment, it does not cause any pain and irritation in the mouth. The clear aligner fits on the teeth, so you should consult your dentist in case of any problems.

How Many Sets (Top and Bottom) Clear Aligners Will Be Applied?

Clear aligner can be applied to both upper and lower teeth in Invisalign Treatment. If the patient is suitable for Invisalign, intraoral measurements are taken before treatment. After these measurements are taken, you can see how your mouth structure will be after the treatment on the computer.

You should be careful when you are wearing transparent aligners made of hard plastic to the upper and lower teeth. While the clear aligner is placed on the teeth, it should be supported by applying equal force. Likewise, it should not be removed with any sharp tools during the removal process. While applying to the upper and lower teeth, it should be held and pulled from the right and left molars at the same time.

Retainers are placed on some of your teeth so that the clear aligner is fully placed on your teeth. The clear aligner is supported by a composite filling material and it provides a comfortable fit on your teeth. After the treatment, the retainer and composite filler will be removed.

During the treatment, it should stay in the mouth for 21-23 hours daily. There is no order of wearing the lower and upper clear aligner. The clear aligner should be removed during eating and drinking and kept in the case provided.

How long is the Total Treatment Time?

  • The treatment process differs according to the tooth structure of the person.
  • The clear aligner should stay in the mouth for an average of 20-22 hours per day for two weeks.
  • In the two-week period, there are small movements in the teeth. Then, the clear aligner will be replaced. Measurements will be taken again.
  • The Clear Aligner is changed every two weeks during the treatment period. This process continues for 10 months and differs according to the mouth structure of the person.



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