Gastric botox is one of the methods that help to lose weight by injecting botulinum toxin to certain parts of the stomach with the endoscopic method. This process which provides limitation of the stomach muscles delays the gastric emptying period and causes the person to experience loss of appetite.

Since gastric botox is a standard endoscopic procedure, so there are no significant side effects reported. It is recommended not to apply this procedure to people with muscle disease and allergy to botox. Stomach botox does not require a surgical intervention. The procedure is endoscopically completed by entering the mouth, there is no incision. The process takes approximately 20 minutes. During the procedure, patients are put to sleep accompanied by an anesthesiologist. There is no obligation to stay in the hospital. The patient is discharged after being kept under observation for one or two hours.

Gastric Botox

Gastric botox causes loss of appetite due to the feeling of fullness, especially by prolonging the gastric emptying time. Thus, patients lose weight more easily. In recent years, botulinum toxin procedures are much more preferred than bariatric surgery. It is applied endoscopically by injecting it into certain parts of the stomach. This method, which can also be considered as a new weight loss method, is one of the alternative ways for patients to achieve the body they dream of. As Estpital family, we continue to provide reliable and quality service to our patients in gastric botox procedures as well as in all processes.

Gastric Botox Injection

As it is known, botox is applied in many medical fields, especially in the field of aesthetics. It creates a temporary limitation of movement in the area where it is applied. Botulinum toxin prevents the release that provides conduction in the nerve endings and helps to reduce the functions of the organ which the nerve is connected. Gastric botox is applied to anyone who is deemed suitable as a result of the examinations performed by the physicians. This botox procedure will be applied to the stomach is completely different from the bariatric surgery procedure. At the same time, this process should be supported by sports, balanced nutrition and a diet program. With this process, which is very beneficial for permanent weight loss, there will be no problems between you and weight loss.

The important thing for botox procedures in the stomach is that you should work with a physician who can understand you and direct you to the right treatment method. You can get detailed information about the procedure that you want to have from the expert physicians of Estpital.

Suitable Features for Gastric Botox Procedure

There are several important considerations for the botox procedure to be performed without incision. There are certain criteria especially for the patients whom the procedure will be applied.

  • Body mass index should be below 40. In particular, the range of 27-35 is much more valid for gastric botox procedures. The reason for this is that obesity surgery gives more successful results for patients with a body mass index above 40.
  • Patients who are overweight by 10 to 20 kilos and those who cannot lose weight despite regular diet and exercise are ideal groups for gastric botox.
  • Gastric botox procedure is not applied to patients with ulcer or gastritis problems during the disease. The priority here is the healing of diseases. However, botox can be applied afterwards.

We all want to see ourselves thinner when we look in the mirror. However, sometimes, no matter how much weight we lose, we don’t like our image in the mirror. Situations like these are very frustrating for us psychologically. Physicians steer patients to a psychiatrist, especially in bariatric surgery, to understand whether they are ready for these surgeries and procedures. The main purpose is to prepare the patient’s mind for the weight loss process. You can also apply to Estpital to get support from a specialist physician in your weight loss processes without wasting time.

How is Botox Injection Applied to the Stomach?

Gastric botox is performed without incision, unlike other weight loss methods. These procedures do not require a surgical intervention, and are performed orally with endoscopy. Botox injection into the stomach muscles takes approximately 20 minutes and does not require hospitalization after the procedure. At the same time, you will be put to sleep by the anesthesiologist during this botox procedure. 1-2 hours observation period after the procedure clearly reveals the patient’s condition and no extra procedure is required.

Botox process helps to control appetite by showing its effect within 3 days. This method is known for its appetite-reducing feature, and in this method the post-procedure nutritional habits of the patient are very important. If the patient is fed with over carbohydrates after the botox procedure, there is a possibility that the botox procedure will fail.

Frequently Asked Questions – Gastric Botox

What does Gastric Botox process promise?

Although the results vary according to the amount of weight, age, metabolic rate and frequency of exercise, generally, it is aimed for patients to lose 10-15% of their total weight. Botox process spreads the weight loss process over 3-6 months.

How Long Does It Take For Botox Injection To Be Effective When It Is Injected Into The Stomach Muscles?

Gastric botox begins to show its effects within 3-4 days after the procedure.

Can Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers Have Gastric Botox?

There are not enough studies about the effects of this procedure on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

What Should Be Considered After Gastric Botox?

Patients are expected to stay away from high-rate carbohydrates and fast food type foods are also asked to make sports and healthy eating habits after the botox procedure.


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