Gastric balloon is a silicone balloon placed in the stomach by endoscopy in order to prevent obesity. Today, general surgeons perform gastric balloon application in order for patients struggling with obesity to return to their normal lives.

Thanks to the volume of the ballon, it enables people who want to lose weight to reach their dream weight earlier by eating fewer portions by occupying in the stomach. It is important for the patient to adopt a healthy and regular eating habit since the gastric balloon remains in the stomach for a long time, such as 6-12 months. The gastric balloon procedure has a great effect on weight loss. This surgery is applied to patients aged 18 to 65 years. The placement of the gastric balloon takes an average of 10-15 minutes under sedation in the endoscopy unit.

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon is one of a kind of Bariatric or weight loss operations that aims to lose weight. This method is considered one of the alternative ways for obesity treatment. In this operation, a balloon is inserted into the stomach with endoscopy and inflated in the stomach. The main purpose here is to make the patient feel full more easily with the feeling of bloating in his stomach. In this way, the possibilities of losing weight are also accelerated, since the patients constantly feel full.

Gastric Balloon Operation for Weight Loss

Gastric balloon has become one of the more preferred operations, especially in recent years. This method, which is one of the obesity treatments, contains very few risks. So, how is gastric balloon operation performed? A balloon is placed into the stomach by endoscopy with appropriate anesthesia for the person. Then, the balloon is inflated with serum. The balloon is made entirely by specialist physicians and remains in the stomach for about 6 months. You can contact us for a successful weight loss surgery with the specialist physicians of Estpital.

There are 4 different types of gastric balloon.

Gastric balloon is generally recommended for patients who want to lose weight but do not want to have gastric surgery. This procedure is performed by endoscopy without need for a surgical operation. Patients show improvement in a short time and can return to their daily routine. However, there is an age restriction for this operation. Patients must to be at least 18 years old and at most 70 years old. It is also desirable to have a body mass index above 27.

Gastric balloon operation offers 4 different usage possibilities.

  • For 6 months
  • For 12 months
  • Adjustable
  • Ellipse can be swallowed

As a result of this operation, it is aimed to lose 10 to 25 kilos in 6 months to 1 year by making the stomach feel like a balloon.

Gastric Balloon Procedures in Turkey with Estpital

Gastric balloon operations are not procedures that you can decide for yourself. Especially before such important procedures, you should consult a specialist doctor. Estpital physicians primarily listen to you and perform a series of tests to decide whether you are suitable for this procedure. In this way, if there is no problem, the decision will be made for the operation. This method is generally preferred because it contains less risk. It should not be applied unless it is recommended to you by a specialist physicians.

Having a balloon in the stomach after the operation will not be enough for you to lose weight. Therefore, you should definitely get support from a nutritionist and support your weight loss process with sports. Thanks to this operation, you will feel full more easily and you will start to lose weight in a short time with your sports and new healthy eating habits.

Gastric Balloon Prices

Gastric balloon prices may vary depending on how long the balloon remains in your body and which physician performed it. There are different prices for these balloons that will stay in your body for a certain period of time. Therefore, when you go to get an opinion from your doctor before the procedures, you can get an idea about gastric balloon 2022 prices. This simple operation will enable you to have a healthier and fitter body. Also, if you put your habits in order, it will continue to show its effects after your balloon is removed. The important thing here is to ensure that you can maintain this situation by gaining regular and healthy eating habits.

Balloons make the stomach feel like a balloon and inflate easily even with small snacks. At this point, it also allows the patient to learn about appetite control. These operations can be performed by specialist physicians in 15 minutes. It makes it possible for the patients to continue their life without lagging behind from their daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions | Gastric Balloon

Can I achieve permanent results with gastric balloon operation?

Yes, after your gastric balloon procedures are completed, you can maintain your weight if you support the process with sports and a healthy diet.

How do I decide how long I should wear the balloon?

Our specialist physicians will tell you the appropriate time for you. This period is determined after the tests and examinations performed on you.

When will I return to my daily routine?

Gastric balloon operations are not surgical procedures. It is placed into your stomach by endoscopy method. This process takes approximately 15 minutes. When your balloon is inflated and your controls are done, you can return to your daily routine.

How does the gastric balloon help me reach the weight I want?

The balloon placed in your stomach with a small operation inflates and makes you feel full. In this way, appetite control will be provided. This provides a feeling of fullness even with small snacks. Thus, you can lose weight quickly by eating less.


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