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CityGate is an international health tourism agency based in Turkey and aims to provide the highest quality services in the fields of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, medical aesthetics and weight loss surgery at affordable prices to international patients seeking treatment abroad.

Our brand which has been serving in the field of health tourism for more than 20 years provides services in the field of hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental aesthetics, medical aesthetics and weight loss surgery.

Our company which cooperates with the best clinics and internationally accredited hospitals in Turkey services you during your entire treatment process. Estpital allows you to receive special service in five-star hotels by creating your surgery planning, airport, hotel and clinic transfers with VIP vehicles.

Health tourism comprises the service that patients receive as a result of traveling to another country for medical treatment. Turkey is among the countries that attract attention in health tourism with its developed health sector, reasonable prices and privileged service policy. 

Clinics in Turkey carry out their work with a professional service policy so that you can receive a better quality service at every stage of your treatment process. Headlines such as low cost, fast treatment process, geographical location and VIP service place Turkey among the most preferred countries.

You can learn from your doctor how long you need to stay, as it depends on the requirements of the operation you have had.

You should bring all kinds of documents containing information about your health process, reports, and all documents requested by your doctor.

Thanks to the experienced staff of Estpital, you can continue your treatment without any communication problems.

Private healthcare institutions in Turkey provide 24/7 full-time service to meet the expectations of patients. Turkish clinics are among the countries that have all the required certificates and provide services at international standards. These and many more features steer foreign patients to Turkey for treatment.

Turkey is one of the most suitable centers for health tourism. High service quality with affordable cost ensures that foreign patients leave our country satisfied. When foreign patients prefer Turkey, they can get good service in professional clinics without being involved in long waiting lines.

Companies in Turkey are subject to certain working standards by being inspected by the Ministry of Health. All these measures and the certification process make the health sector in Turkey a safe and preferable country.