Digital smile design includes a personalized aesthetic smile design planning by using the digital software technology of dentists. As in the world, digital design software is used in the field of dentistry in our country as well. In these software, the tooth structure and facial proportions of the person are analyzed and the design measure suitable for the person is created.

Thanks to digital software, the most accurate harmony between the patient’s tooth structure, gums, lips and face can be achieved and it can be ensured that the patient is in the right treatment process. Thus, a patient-specific natural and aesthetic smile can be managed. Since each person’s smile is different, a special treatment is applied to each patient in digital smile design. That’s why dentists design the most suitable smile for the person. Digital smile design is among the most preferred types of dental aesthetics in our country in recent years.

What is Digital Smile Design?

We want a more effective smile in our social life. Digital smile design enters our lives here. Digital smile design has become popular in recent years with the development of aesthetic dentistry. Digital smile design is also known as “smile aesthetics” among the people.

The importance of physical appearance in our social life is increasing day by day. At this point, an aesthetic smile is taken into consideration for the individual. With the needs of the era, digital smile design continues to develop in this field.

Have Healthier Smiles with Smile Aesthetics!

Digital smile design plays an active role in all areas of teeth and mouth. It has a great effect on tooth extraction, prosthetic teeth, implant procedures and root canal treatment. In addition to these, smile design is also affected by factors such as facial features, lip thickness and skin color.

Smile design is also known as dental aesthetics. Many sciences help during the digital smile design practice. The desired smile is designed by the dentist, dental technician and patient in a two-dimensional way.

One of the advantages of smile designs is the possibility of seeing how the person will look through the computer system without undergone smile design operation. These design procedures are associated with many fields such as orthodontics, plastic surgery and orthognathic surgery.

While designing the smile, the structure of the bones, teeth and muscles in the mouth should also be considered. Photographs of the teeth and mouth should be taken from different perspectives. There are two important lines for smile aesthetics. These are the lines around the eyeballs and the lips.

In order to provide a suitable position, the person performs speaking exercises. At the same time, smile design treatment is guaranteed by Estpital.

How are Computer Aided Design Processes Work?

Smile designs have shown parallelism with the development of technology and the era. Dentists actively use technology to design the smile aesthetically.

Computers have a lot of work to do in making designs. It offers the person a three-dimensional display of the desired smile. Computer-aided designs, which make it easier to design, attract people of all ages in our period.

The draft prepared during the Digital Smile Design is examined in depth with computer support. Thus, the most suitable digital smile design that suits the person is created.

We Design Your New Smile with Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design software will show the person’s new smile and tooth structure at the end of the process. For this reason, software has a very important place for design software as in many other branches.

All screening tests about the person’s mouth structure and teeth should also be done. However, necessary actions will be initiated with the approval of the person. These softwares that are used during the design allow us to take a holistic view.

In the first session, general screening tests are made and the basis of the design is laid. In the second session, along with the smile design, a new smile design is presented to the person in three dimensions. Steps are taken with the consent of the person.

What is a Digital Smile Design Scan?

DSD design is a precise process. At the request of the patient and under the supervision of the doctor, a digital smile design is created. This shows personal attention. No action is taken that the patient does not approve.

The patient should be listened carefully. The design is supported with photos and videos. Digital smile design software takes charge here. It does not allow errors with computer-aided configuration.

Do You Know After How Many Sessions You Can Have That Unique Smile?

DSD digital smile design takes three sessions. In these sessions, software and many branches of science are used. In the first session, the general controls of the person are made. The teeth to be extracted or repaired are treated in this process. Photos and videos are taken. Smile aesthetics is based on three-dimensional mouth scanners.

In the second session, a digital smile design is created with the dentist, patient and technician. Preparations are made to treat the patient. Then the teeth and gums are prepared for the design and digital measurements are taken.

The third stage is the process of taking action. You will get your digital smile after this process.

Digital Smile Design Prices

Since it is made according to the request of the person, the pricing offers a wide range. The materials which are used and digital applications increase the price. The treatments made before the smile design operation are subject to a fee.

Pricing varies depending on the experience of the physician and clinical conditions. There are no exaggerated amounts, the treatment proceeds in simple stages.


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