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Rhinoplasty is one of the operations performed to reshape the nose. This process creating a facial harmonization is also performed to resolve structural defects in the nose, to intervene in respiratory disorders.
Hair Transplantation

Look Younger With
Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant is one of the operations that is preferred by people who have hair loss problems. It is performed to get new hair. Hair transplant is one of the methods that is considered by patients who have hair loss problems such as thinning hair or regional baldness.
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Hollywood Smile

With Hollywood Smile
Treatment You Smile Better

The effect you have on people is related to your smile. The self-confidence of the person is reflected in his/her smile. The alignment and the color of our teeth are very important for our smile to be remarkable. Cosmetic Dentistry has important duties in this respect.

Health Tourism

Health Tourism at Estpital

We work together with the best doctors who are experts in their field using advanced technology in order to get the best results in your medical travels to Turkey through Estpital. In order to enjoy our services and feel safe, we provide a touristic trip with accommodation in the most popular hotels in Turkey.
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Dr. Engin Selamioğlu

Plastic Surgery Specialist

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Dt. Mahmut Ekrem Mutluer

Dentist Specialist


Maya Estetik

Maya Centrium Medical Center

With Estpital Assurance


Estpital crowns its VIP services with accommodation transactions. A 5-star accommodation experience awaits you in the best hotels in Turkey. Our company keeps offering premium support so that you can get better service at every stage of your treatment process.
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Estpital creates the safest process by picking up patients coming to Turkey from the airport with special VIP vehicles. It also provides them to benefit from quality health services.



Our company, which plans all communication processes for you before coming to Turkey, organizes your transfer transactions in advance and in a planned way so that you do not face any problems.



Estpital, thanks to its world-class service mentality, allows you to get service in Turkey’s best clinics. Our company, which cooperates with the best clinics and internationally accredited..



We provide accommodation in our five-star hotels in order to please our patients and make them feel comfortable like at home.


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